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Proof of Angels

Experiencing the Angelic Realm

In this excerpt from Proof of Angels, Ptolemy Tompkins shares how we experience the spiritual world.

Spring Angels in Bloom

Spring Angels in Bloom

The flowers of the season are like messages from above.

Guideposts: A pair of angels, carved by Paula Dimit

Paula Dimit: Carving Out Inspiration

Paula Dimit was a recent retiree when, at age 56, she decided to try her hand at wood carving. Twenty years later, she's still creating beautiful—one might even say angelic—works of art.

An angel on the phone does work for God.

An Angel on the Phone

A mysterious call leads to helping someone in need.

A loving and early Easter card from an Angels on Earth reader.

An Early Easter Card from an Australian Angel

More proof that Angels on Earth has the best readers ever, near and far!

Praying with an angel.

Praying, and Singing, with Angels

A memorable moment when an angel chimed in on a church service

Blessings from earth angels for a sneezing fit.

The Blessings in a Sneezing Fit

When she couldn't stop sneezing, an office angel's blessings gave her a new perspective.

How to be an earth angel to a friend.

Needing Angels More Than Ever

Reconnecting with a long-lost friend offers an opportunity to be an Earth angel.

When a cell phone lands in the toilet, earth angels come to the rescue.

Earth Angels Come Calling

When a cell phone lands in the toilet, earth angels come to the rescue.

Angel Inspiration from Someone Cares

Angel Inspiration from Someone Cares

Enjoy beautiful angel art, uplifting Scripture and inspiring messages from Someone Cares greeting cards.