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9 Cancer Fighting Foods to Eat

8 Cancer-Fighting Foods You Should Be Eating

There are plenty of foods people swear by when it comes to preventing cancer but how can you tell what really works? Here are eight foods proven to do the job. 

Protect Against Skin Cancer This Summer

How You Can Protect Against Skin Cancer This Summer

Dr. Len Lichtenfeld of the American Cancer Society shares the simple things everyone can do to enjoy the warmer weather while still keeping their skin safe. 

Debra Downing with her "friend," Bertha the wig

The Funny Thing About Cancer

When diagnosed with uterine cancer, she decided to keep a journal to keep friends and family updated on her condition. The entries, infused with her rich sense of humor, lightened the load for everyone concerned.

5 cancer prevention tips

5 Cancer Prevention Tips

Poor diet and inactivity are 2 key factors that can increase a person’s cancer risk. The good news is that you do something about it.

Debra Downing

Leaning on Laughter and Faith While Fighting Cancer

As she shared in her story in the June 2016 issue of Guideposts, Debra Downing, after being diagnosed with uterine cancer in 2014, relied on her sense of humor and her belief in God to get through her difficult and painful chemotherapy sessions.

Three little girls battling cancer

Photographer Tackles Childhood Cancer with Powerful Viral Photo

Lora Scantling's photo of three little girls battling cancer went viral two years ago. Now she's using her camera lens to change the way we look at the disease. 

Quincy Jones is fighting cancer with comedy

Fighting Cancer with Comedy

Stand-up comic Quincy Jones recently got his own HBO comedy special. Here's why he's not letting cancer stop him from pursuing his dreams. 

Sean Swarner survived cancer and climbed Mt Everest

Two-Time Cancer Survivor's Amazing Mt. Everest Climb

The inspiring story of Sean Swarner, the first cancer survivor to successfully climb Mt. Everest. 

Cleaning for a Reason gives free cleans to cancer patients

This Nonprofit Offers Free Home Cleanings to Cancer Patients

Debbie Sardone, founder of the nonprofit Cleaning for a Reason, shares how a missed opportunity transformed into a way to help thousands of women battling cancer. 

Sam Heughan talks Outlander Season 2

'Outlander' Star Sam Heughan's Biggest Challenge Yet

The actor reveals what's in store for fans when the second season premieres and how he's giving back through his My Peak Challenge program.