Your neighbors, friends, colleagues, fellow churchgoers, and people you do business with make up the rich tapestry of your community. Embrace your community and make sure to do your part to make it stronger.

Overcoming addiction
Addiction and Recovery

Overcoming Addiction

In today’s opioid crisis and beyond, a voice of hope that calls to every addict and the people who love them

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Prayer meeting
Pray Effectively

My Kind of Prayer Meeting

This pastor hated prayer meetings. Until…

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Friends having tea
Emotional and Mental Health

The Real Joy of Being Together

No matter its size, our community is the source of true, lasting happiness.

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Welcoming newcomers at church
Inspiring Stories

5 Ways to Welcome Newcomers to Your Church

It’s the one place where everyone should be greeted with open arms.

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Crafts for Christmas
Positive Living

2 Ways to Make Art with Others

Creative projects are even more meaningful when they’re crafted in a way that builds relationships and community.

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A senior citizen woman enjoying herself in the pool.
Living Longer, Living Better

7 Easy Tips to Help You Stay Active

Follow this practical advice to maintain your mobility as you age.

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Longtime CSI: Crime Scene Investigation star Marg Helgenberger
Movies and TV

Guideposts Classics: Marg Helgenberger on the Blessings of Family

In this story from June 2009, the longtime star of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation shares how her small-town roots serve to keep her grounded.

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How God helps when you can't see a way out
Inspiring Stories

When You Can’t See a Way Out, God Can

A cash-strapped family finds unexpected help from their friends.

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Military Outreach

The Power of a Letter

Despite the immediacy of email, a military mom shares that nothing beats putting pen to paper.

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A smiling senior citizen woman learning how to use the Internet in a classroom.
Sponsored Content

Closing the Age Gap on Internet Literacy

Get connected with your loved ones through technology with these practical tips.

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