Cooking is about more than producing delicious, nourishing food--it's a chance to be creative, work together with friends and family members, and learn something new about how and what we eat.
An artist's rendering of young Douglas Scott Clark and his Mamaw

A Poultice and a Prayer

Yarrow, sassafras—Mamaw knew the secret of the healing powers of ordinary plants

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Roasted Ginger Salmon with Pomegranite Olive Mint Salsa

Roasted Ginger Salmon

This healthy and tasty recipe for Roasted Ginger Salmon is one of Rebecca Katz's faves.

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Ears of corn in shape of a heart. Photo by acongar, Thinkstock.

Love in Unusual Wrappings

Beyond a box of chocolates, love arrives in a box of corn or an emptied dishwasher.

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A statue of Abe Lincoln in chef's hat with kitchen tools in his hands


Lincoln saved the Union and freed the slaves. But did you know he could cook too?

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Rae Katherine Eighmey's Almond Pound Cake

Almond Pound Cake

This pound cake is like the one Mary Todd is said to have used to court Abe Lincoln.

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Rae Katherine Eighmey's Gingerbread Men, just the way Abe Lincoln liked them
Health and Wellness

Gingerbread Men

Here's a recipe for gingerbread men made just the way Abraham Lincoln liked them.

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Heidi Siefkas
God's Grace

Somebody Else's Life

A freak accident opened her eyes to the blessings that had been showered upon her.

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Laura at the Johnny Rockets where she manned the grill the night of the storm.
Emotional and Mental Health

Feeling at Home at Johnny Rockets

Getting stranded in a snowstorm worked out for the best for one Alabama woman.

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Suggestions for Diana's hobbies for 2015.
Positive Living

A New Hobby for 2015

Crowd-sourcing ideas for a new hobby turns up a very hip one!

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Broccoli-Ribbon Fettuccine with Parmesan
Health and Wellness

Broccoli-Ribbon Fettuccine with Parmesan

Broccoli stems, when prepared correctly, taste great in this healthy pasta dish!

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