Having courage means facing your fears, making difficult choices, and staying true to yourself and your faith at all times.
Catherine Madera; photo by Brandon Hill
Stories of Faith

The Journal of a Sister Lost to Cancer Bolstered Her Faith

Her late sister had made her peace with the Lord. Could she?

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Prayer of confession
How to Pray

How the Prayer of Confession Can Transform Us

With accountability comes healing and peace.

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Keeping a journal
Emotional and Mental Health

Find the Most Positive, Helpful Journal for Your Personality

“Dear Diary” isn’t for everyone. Choose a journal that meets you where you are on your healing journey.

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Illustration by Jesus Sotes

She Prayed for the Courage to Stand Up to Her Ex-Husband

A golden sword inside gave her the heaven-sent strength to confront him.

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A Chicago Dance School Teaches Kids in Ukraine Via Zoom
People Helping People

A Chicago Dance School Teaches Kids in Ukraine Via Zoom

The Hromovytsia Ukrainian Dance Ensemble offers children in Kyiv a respite from the grim realities of war.

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Saint Peter's basketball team celebrates
Motivational Stories

The Power of the Underdog

Inspired by a scrappy Saint Peter’s basketball team, we too can come out of nowhere to fight overwhelming odds.

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Being neighborly
Life Advice

How to Have the Courage to Love Your Neighbor

It’s not always easy to reach out to someone in need, but when we do, we change the world.

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A heart made of blue and yellow flowers in the hands of a child
Stories of Hope

Help for Ukraine: How the Human Spirit Shines During the Darkest of Times

These inspiring stories show moments of solidarity in the midst of conflict.

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Weary man
Prayers for Strength

7 Bible Prayers for the Weary

Whether it’s world events or personal problems weighing you down, here’s Scripture to revive your flagging soul.

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Scenic path; Getty Images
Devotions for Faith/Prayer

The Courage to Make Righteous Choices

Let your faith make a difference in your choices.

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