Having courage means facing your fears, making difficult choices, and staying true to yourself and your faith at all times.
Author Jan Karon

Mitford Author Jan Karon Shares the “Prayer That Never Fails”

We chatted with the author about changing careers after 50, saying goodbye to Mitford and what’s on the horizon.

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Becca Stevens
People Helping People

This Sex Abuse Survivor Has Dedicated Her Life to Helping Other Victims

Her thriving non-profit organization aids sex trafficking survivors, but her work also helped heal her own painful past.

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Navigating change
Positive Living

How to Navigate Change More Positively

Understanding the distinction between “change” and “transition” can help you handle shifts in life with grace.

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Rays from the rising sun stream through dark clouds
Stories of Hope

Hurricane Florence: Coping With Fear and Anxiety

Bible verses, prayers and stories for comfort and hope 

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Grandfather showing his granddaughter the woods.
God's Grace

Her Grandpa Jacques Sent a Message from Beyond

A woman who misses her grandfather, a deceased Holocaust survivor, stumbles upon an unlikely find that brings him close to her again.

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Kirstie Ennis
Stories of Hope

A Marine Veteran Continues to Fight Her Toughest Battle

USMC Sergeant (Ret.) Kirstie Ennis, who suffered traumatic injuries—physical, mental and emotional—during a tour of duty in Afghanistan, discusses the lengthy road she has traveled toward recovery.

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Melba Pattillo Beals, civil rights icon and author of I Will Not Fear
Stories of Faith

How a Member of the Little Rock Nine Found Courage

Facing racist threats, Melba Pattillo Beals helped integrate Arkansas schools. She also deepened her faith

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Suzanne Spaak during World War II

Suzanne Spaak's Courageous Acts Saved Hundreds of Children During the Holocaust

Suzanne Spaak refused to sit idly by as the Nazis began their reign of terror. Her courageous efforts helped to save the lives of numerous Jewish children.

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A Wounded Marine Finds New Mountains to Climb
Military Outreach Stories

A Wounded Marine Finds New Mountains to Climb

Severely injured in Afghanistan, this amputee veteran took up snowboarding. Now she's climbing the world’s tallest mountains.

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