Having courage means facing your fears, making difficult choices, and staying true to yourself and your faith at all times.
Statue of an angel. Photo by Katty King, Thinkstock.

A Glimpse of an Angel

Tanya Richardson, author of Heaven on Earth, loved the idea of angels. But did she really believe in them? 

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A cancer survivor smiles in victory
Living With Cancer

Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Encouraging Bible Verses

May these encouraging Bible verses remind you of God's unending love for you. 

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Ragan Sutherfield
Living Longer, Living Better

'This Is My Body': An Interview With Author Ragan Sutterfield

The author shares how his faith helped him transform from overweight into an Ironman.

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a laughing woman holds a rainbow colored umbrella in the rain
Positive Living

9 Ways to Be Happier

Lee Crutchley's new workbook will help you be happy, "or at least less sad".

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hurting woman
Emotional and Mental Health

Survival Story: What I Wish You Knew About Rape

A rape survivor and a licensed social worker share their insight on what to say--and not to say--to survivors

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Wisteria blooming among Rome's ruins. Photo courtesy Rick Hamlin.

When in Rome

The spirit of Paul–and the promise of faith–lingers 2,000 years later in a wisteria-scented city.

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Annie Lobert
Emotional and Mental Health

Redeemed on the Vegas Strip

Sex-trafficking survivor Annie Lobert shares how God’s love healed her and led her to minister to other victims in the industry

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An ethnically diverse group of workers in an office setting
Faith and Prayer

4 Ways to Share Faith at Work

You don’t have to use words to preach the Gospel

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