Having courage means facing your fears, making difficult choices, and staying true to yourself and your faith at all times.
Guideposts: Peter Lind Hayes and Mary Healy
Emotional and Mental Health

Peter Lind Hayes on Caring for Strangers

In this Guideposts Classic from October 1968, entertainer Peter Lind Hayes tells of a terrifying and unforgettable experience he and his wife and performing partner, Mary Healy, went through.

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Devotion for September 11th: I pray it becomes a day to remember courage and grace and love
Daily Devotions

Devotion for September 11th

I pray it becomes a day to remember courage and grace and love.

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In times of disappointment and distraction, how to stay focused on God.
Emotional and Mental Health

How to Stay Faithful and Focused on God

When prayers go unanswered, do you question where God is leading you?

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Happy woman accepts 5 truths to help her love herself
Positive Living

5 Truths to Help You Love Yourself More

This excerpt from Emily-Anne Rigal's new book FLAWD shares advice on how to stop hating on yourself and other people.

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Seun Adebiyi in the NYTimes
Living With Cancer

Cancer Survivor Seun Adebiyi Is “Living Breath to Breath”

Though the courageous American Cancer Society ambassador is in remission, he still lives by the mantra that got him through cancer: This too shall pass.

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When God places big dreams in your heart.
Finding Life Purpose

God Puts Big Dreams in Our Hearts

All you have to do is believe it, receive it and run with it.

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An father adopting sons learns about God's perfect timing.

Expectant Father: Waiting with Joy

In the adoption process, God's perfect time brings frustration, then joy.

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Step Out of Your Comfort Zone
Emotional and Mental Health

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Is God urging you to explore the territory beyond your sanctuary of safety?

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Statue of an angel. Photo by Katty King, Thinkstock.

A Glimpse of an Angel

Tanya Richardson, author of Heaven on Earth, loved the idea of angels. But did she really believe in them? 

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