The spark of creativity is such an inspiration--use your creative powers and see how the most complex problems suddenly have new solutions.
Doodling can unleash your creativity.
Positive Living

What Can Doodling Do for You?

I’m no artist, but an art class turned out to be the inspiration I needed to stretch out of my comfort zone.

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Why you should read everyday.

9 Great Reasons to Grab a Book!

Why you should drop everything and read a book to enrich your life.

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Embracing boredom
Life Advice

Is There a Positive Side to Boredom?

Learning to tolerate a little bit of boredom opens our lives to creative and emotional expansion.

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How to prayer journal.
Power of Prayer

6 Ways to Prayer Journal

You don’t have to be a writer to journal your way to a deeper prayer life.

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Angels carved on eggshells.

Angels from Eggshells

An amazing angel delicately created from a goose egg.

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Don't quit on God.
Life Advice

Don’t Quit on God

Big dreams can take discouraging turns. But here are reasons why you should not give up.

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A grandmother's drawing comes to life.

A Drawing Come to Life

A grandmother creates a winter wonderland for her grandsons–and herself.

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Tips and inspiration on cooking, gardening, health and wellness.
Life Advice

Welcome to a New Blog: A Positive Path

Twice-weekly tips, musings and inspiration on health, wellness, cooking, gardening and other uplifting, joyful pursuits.

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Singer-songwriter Amy Grant
Movies and TV

Amy Grant and the Veggie Tales Project

In these videos, singer-songwriter Amy Grant discusses her involvement in the special holiday Veggie Tales project.

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Architects David Woodhouse and Andy Tinucci on Designing Sacred Spaces
Stories of Hope

Architects David Woodhouse and Andy Tinucci on Designing Sacred Spaces

Architects David Woodhouse and Andy Tinucci of Chicago discuss their approach to designing, renovating and restoring churches and other sacred spaces.

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