The spark of creativity is such an inspiration--use your creative powers and see how the most complex problems suddenly have new solutions.
Guideposts senior digital editor Brooke Obie stands on top of an Alaskan mountain range

Escape to Alaska

Finding peace in the snowy solitude of 4 Alaskan lodges

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Shawnelle Eliasen's healthy and delicious Texas Caviar

Texas Caviar

You don’t have to be from the big state of Texas to appreciate the big taste of this healthy, easy-to-prepare dish!

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A choir sings joyfully.

Father Clarence Rivers: God Is Love

Father Clarence Rivers was not only a well-known writer of liturgical music but also a teacher. Enjoy this example of his compositions and read the inspiring story of one woman who was touched by his teachings.

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Floyd Cramer, Country Music Hall of Fame pianist

Floyd Cramer: Last Date

Floyd Cramer was a hugely popular Nashville pianist whose records entertained millions. Read the inspiring story of a woman whose beloved father also had a knack for tickling the ivories.

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A heavy saxophone in a brilliant gold chair.

Heaven's Music: An Unseen Sax

The only instrument being played during that day's church service was a piano. So why did she hear the sounds of a saxophone?

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Inspirational saxophonist Stephanie McKenna

Stephanie McKenna: How Great Thou Art

Acclaimed saxophonist Stephanie McKenna shares her gift as she interprets the beloved hymn of praise, How Great Thou Art. Read our inspiring story of a heavenly horn heard at a small chapel!

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 Italian artist Giuliano Mauri’s epic Tree Cathedral
God's Grace

Italy's Cathedral of Trees

A breathtaking structure of branches and poles in northern Italy reaches toward heaven.

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Avenging Angel, Glenwood Cemetery, Houston, Texas

Beautiful Angel Statues

These beautifully crafted and inspiring angels makes their homes in cemeteries around the world.

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Lady slipper orchids, Doing the Lord's Work, Guideposts
Finding Life Purpose

Doing the Lord's Work

We have a certain task to accomplish on this Earth. I hope I hit the mark! Will you join the dance?

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A musical lunch-break miracle.
God's Grace

A Musical Lunch-Break Miracle

Some amazing incidents during day 14 of Rick Hamlin's "60 Songs in 60 Days" project

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