The spark of creativity is such an inspiration--use your creative powers and see how the most complex problems suddenly have new solutions.
Maude Rose, age 9, sees God in heaven.

How Children See God

Monica Parker's new book, OMG! How Children See God, features surprising, delightful and inspiriting drawings from kids.

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Delicious pumpkin chocolate chip cookie recipe

Delicious Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

Try this delicious and easy-to-make cookie recipe. The perfect autumn dessert!

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Do you dream big? Let God help you.
Finding Life Purpose

Do Your Part So God Can Do His

If you've been waiting for God to do something extraordinary in your life, ask Him what part He wants you to play.

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Mara Measor, author of Naked Prayers, who fought her depression with doodles
Readers' Favorite Stories

Mara Measor: The Power of Prayer Doodles

A young woman emerges from depression with a book of prayers and drawings.

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Could Scarlett O'Hara enrich your prayer life? Bob Hostetler shows how fictional characters can be incorporated into our prayers.
How to Pray

Praying with Fictional Characters

Could Scarlett O'Hara enrich your prayer life? You bet!

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Mara Measor used her prayer doodles to fight depression.
Emotional and Mental Health

Naked Prayers: Honest Confessions to a Loving Creator

Simple but powerful prayer doodles help a creative young woman combat depression.

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Guideposts: Kate Bosworth and Hayden Christensen portay Eva and Don Piper in the new movie, 90 Minutes in Heaven
Movies and TV

Kate Bosworth and Michael Polish on '90 Minutes in Heaven'

The actress and her director husband talk about their new movie, "90 Minutes in Heaven," based on the best-selling book by Don Piper. They discuss this inspiring true story, the surprising motivation of the production company that produced it, and why the movie opened on Sept. 11th.

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Guideposts Classics: Dean Jones on God's Peace
God's Grace

Guideposts Remembers: Dean Jones

In this January 1977 story, the actor and author shares how faith brought peace and spiritual healing to his life.

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Guideposts: A visual montage of images from War Room, depicting the Kendrick Brothers, Priscilla Shirer and Beth Moore
Movies and TV

'War Room': The Kendrick Brothers Talk About Their New Film

The authors and filmmakers behind "The Love Dare" and "Courageous" share why they wanted to make a movie focused on the power of prayer. 'War Room' stars Priscilla Shirer.

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Guideposts: Actor David Oyelowo discusses the role of faith in his career
Movies and TV

David Oyelowo on Faith and Family in Hollywood

Award-winning actor David Oyelowo shares how being a Christian informs his choices in roles and reveals one secret to the success of his marriage.

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