The spark of creativity is such an inspiration--use your creative powers and see how the most complex problems suddenly have new solutions.
Flowers and wicker furniture on the cover of Sunflower Summer

A Mother-Daughter Team's Shared Faith

We share a love of the written word and a strong faith. She was my first Sunday school teacher...

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An artist's rendering of a vintage travel trailer with angel wings
Managing Life Changes

Restoring Her Positive Outlook

She and her vintage trailer were both in pretty bad shape. Could they be fixed?

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Paige the border collie

Paige, the Wonder Dog

We all could use some help at home, but Paige the border collie goes above and beyond!

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Lance Nitahara
Finding Life Purpose

An Inspiring Recipe for Success

Chef Lance Nitahara shares the surprising path he took to the Food Network show Chopped.

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Gloria Estefan dances with her husband, Emilio
Positive Thinking

Lifted by the Power of Prayer

Latin music superstar, mother and now a grandmother—here’s her take on love, life and faith.

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Kelee Katillac
Finding Life Purpose

Take Time to Look Heavenward

Our interior designer was inspired to re-create the blue skies of the great outdoors in her home.

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spiderman window-washer about to scale a building

Super Hero Window-Washers

These real life heroes help sick kids feel better!

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Mark Burnett
Movies and TV

The Bible Brought to Life

The producer of shows such as Survivor and The Voice tackles his greatest challenge.

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Garry Zalesky poses with his restored table.
Managing Life Changes

A Miraculous Makeover

He quickly came to realize that the discarded table wasn’t the only thing in need of restoring.

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Leonardo's depiction of Christ at the Last Supper
God's Grace

The Real Da Vinci Code

That Leonardo's seemingly delicate masterpiece, The Last Supper, has survived is miraculous.

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