The spark of creativity is such an inspiration--use your creative powers and see how the most complex problems suddenly have new solutions.
Recipes: Grandmother passes on love of cooking

Cooking Up Memories

As a mother, then a grandmother, I had hope that my love of cooking would get passed on.

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Do You Make Handcrafted Jewelry?

Does it inspire you? Do you do it to relax, or to lose yourself momentarily in something beautiful?

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Positive Living

The Quilt of Life

How making quilts reuses fabric and keeps memories sewn in.

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Positive Living

Can You Tie a Bow Tie?

It occurs to me that maybe God made bow ties—or likes to have me wear one every once in a while—so that I’ll know how to ask for help.

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Country music superstar Reba McEntire

Guideposts Classics: Reba McEntire on Embracing God's Gifts

In this story from May 1994, the popular country music artist talks about the day she almost turned her back on her singing career.

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Rosanne Cash

Rosanne Cash Sings '500 Miles'

Listen as Rosanne Cash sings a popular song from her father Johnny Cash's catalogue for the Guideposts audience.

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Angel in red dress

Angelic Autumn Light

She was nervous about singing solo—till a heavenly angel appeared at the right time.

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father and son celebrating Passover reading

Not Your Average Seder

Creative play involves the children in the Passover ritual.

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Finding Life Purpose

Getting Into Character

The Home to Heather Creek series editor reflects on how the characters in books affect her daily life.

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Positive Thinking

Music Soothes the Savage Baby

The Guideposts senior editor reflects on why music is like faith.

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