One-Word Exclamations of Praise

Stop periodically throughout your day and offer praise to Jesus.

Posted in , Nov 12, 2018

One-Word Prayers of Praise

Yes, the LORD pours down his blessings. Psalm 85:12 (NLT)

When I visited my daughter’s family for the Thanksgiving holiday just before Lilah’s second birthday, I enjoyed seeing her progress in language. The first morning, Lilah woke up around five and I sat in the kitchen as Holly gave her a prebreakfast ahead of the big family one. When Holly set a plastic bowl on the table, Lilah turned to me with her fine, blonde, bedhead hair sticking out and her big, brown eyes shining. “Bowl!” she shouted. Her mom poured the Rice Krispies. Lilah raised her little arms and shouted to me, “Ceeweal!” Followed by “Moolk!” and “Poon!”

Even as I laughed at Lilah’s excitement, which seemed out of proportion to me, my heart felt full. Such purity in her expression of joy. Such simple gratitude. I thought about how my thanksgiving often includes qualifiers: Lord, thank You for my family, but I wish we weren’t so scattered . . . . Thank You for this house we found in our new location, but now we could really use some new furniture . . . . I praise You for the job my son found, but at his age he needs benefits . . . .

I wondered if it would be possible to regain that childlike attitude of simple joy, enthusiasm, and gratitude that Lilah displayed. To smile at Jesus and acknowledge His blessings as I see evidences of His goodness. Friendship! Protection! Forgiveness! Love!

One morning, I found the experiment easy to do. I was exhausted after waking up at 3:00 a.m. because of a sleep disorder, and my brain seemed able to think only one-word thoughts. Robe! Coffee! Sunrise! . . . Nap? I discovered that even one word is still enough to acknowledge blessings from above.

Faith Step: Stop periodically throughout your day and offer a one-word exclamation of praise to Jesus for His blessings and what He means to you.

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