Devotional Quotes

An open Bible

Sing the Song in Your Heart

The Apostle Paul sang in prison despite being tormented ...

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A boulder under a blue sky

The Stone of Jacob

In this verse, Jacob set up the stone as a monument to commemorate the blessed place where he was ...

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A dog sniffs a spring wildflower

Little Blessed Moments

Life is filled with thousands of simple pleasures. Litt ...

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A family prays at the Thanksgiving table

Shine the Light of Gratitude

Dr. Norman Vincent Peale said that when we give thanks, ...

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A mountain sunrise

Comfort from Heaven

For those missing a loved one in Heaven, take comfort knowing that someday ...

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A young girl enjoys blowing bubbles

Joy-Filled Living

One of God’S greatest gifts is joy. Norman Vincent Pe ...

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Volunteers helping to build a house

Grow in His Image

C. S. Lewis once said, “Humility is not thinking less ...

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Three people stand facing the sunrise, arms upraised

Awaken Your Spiritual Passion

Do you feel passionate about your faith? Strive for the ...

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Dr. Norman Vincent Peale

Gem of Truth

Dr. Norman Vincent Peale called Mark 9:23 “one of the ...

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A flock of sheep in a sun-drenched meadow

Scripture for a New Start

Dr. Norman Vincent Peale said if you want to make a ...

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An open Bible rests on a table

Comfort in Times of Grief

Dr. Norman Vincent Peale once said: “Darkness is powe ...

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A Psalm 91 Life

A Psalm 91 Life

God is your refuge. He will deliver you from a long series of difficulties, fears and troubles. T ...

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A child with an umbrella looks up at the raindrops and smiles

Life-Changing Thoughts

Dr. Norman Vincent Peale said, “Change your thoughts and change your world.” Your mind is a p ...

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One-Word Prayers of Praise

One-Word Exclamations of Praise

Stop periodically throughout your day and offer praise to Jesus.

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