Devotions for Faith/Prayer

Jesus Gives You Joy

Jesus Gives You Joy

Do you share your joy even when life is hard?

A sunrise in the desert

When God Feels Distant

Sometimes God’s presence seems far away. When you fee ...

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A mother converses with her young daughter

Be a Helper

This scripture contains the first “not good” in the Bible. God wants us to live in fellowship ...

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Full moon

In His Hands

God holds the entire universe together. He is the caretaker of the world. When you feel like you ...

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Starlit night sky

All Who Wander

I was a mere minute from arriving at home, but a dog wandering along the road changed everything. ...

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A woman in church

Love God Above All

Brother Lawrence, a seventeenth-century lay monk, found joy “seeking Him only and nothing else, ...

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A woman prays at sunrise

Peace in a Chaotic World

Throughout Scripture, there are many examples of God bringing peace. From the israelites at the ...

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A woman prays outdoors

Future Glory

Scripture tells us that we are to glory in our sufferings. Because of faith, we can see the ...

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A prayer group clasps hands

Spread the Love

The Apostle Paul encourages us to help others and lift ...

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The Bible and a mug; Getty Images

God’s Word Is Full of Treasures

No matter how many times you have read a Bible verse, Jesus often gives fresh insight.

A woman's hands clasped in prayer rest on a Bible

When You Feel Anxious

Do you worry even when there is little or no reason to? ...

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A woman rests

Rest Up

God rested on the seventh day. Remind yourself of this scripture when you are too busy to even th ...

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A sleepless woman

God Is in Charge

Dr. Norman Vincent Peale said, “Remember always that ...

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A closeup of a woman's walking shoes during a power wallk

God’s Willpower

When your willpower needs a boost to help you reach a goal or to ...

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A young girl prays

Be Perfectly Content

Imagine your life without prayer. How would you find s ...

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A woman makes her way through a dark forest

God Clears the Way

Turn to this verse when you feel uncertain about the future. Your ...

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