A Sense of Security

We hesitate to trust others…

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A lifeguard at a swimming pool

“Give us help from trouble: for vain is the help of man.”—Psalms 108:12

When my children were small, my younger son Brian was afraid to go into a swimming pool unless I went with him. 

“Why do I have to be with you?” I said to him one day. “The lifeguard is right there. Don't you know that if you get into trouble, he'll save you much quicker than I?”

“But I don't know him, Mommy,” Brian answered, clinging to my hand.

And so I took Brian and introduced him to the lifeguard. The two of them talked, and somehow that gave Brian the security he needed to swim without me.

A feeling of security—how we all yearn for it, yet how often we reach out to friends and loved ones, neglecting the One most qualified to provide it. People hesitate to turn to Jesus because they don't know Him. If they did, they'd trust Him with their lives.

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