Angels Watching Over Us

Witness a heavenly story of answered prayer in this Daily Guideposts classic.

Posted in , Oct 6, 2014

A photo composite of an angel statue against a blue sky with clouds.

“The Lord will give her twice as many blessings....” —Isaiah 40:2 (TLB)

My daughter dealt with a multitude of serious issues after the abrupt end of her marriage. Along with the pain of a shattered family, Rebecca had to relocate and give up her job of ten years.

She found an affordable apartment, a good school for the children, and a supportive church family, but the only openings in her field were part-time with no health insurance.


As savings dwindled, discouragement grew. Distance made it impossible for me to visit Rebecca as often as I’d have liked, but we kept in touch through texting and phone calls. Then one day I walked past the greeting card rack at a discount store and a shiny card caught my eye.

On the front was an angel set amid randomly shaped blocks of magenta, orange, and gold. “There’s an angel watching over you,” the message read. I bought it and sent it to Rebecca with love and prayers.

“You won’t believe this!” Rebecca called three days later. “I received a beautiful angel card from you and an identical one from Aunt Amanda! I’ve been praying for a word from God, and I received double what I asked for.” We knew then and there that God would provide just the right job for Rebecca.

Amazing God, thank You for the miracle of angel cards, answered prayers, just-right jobs, and Your ever-wondrous love and care.

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