Faith Is a Lifelong Journey

A rescue dog helped her relax and leave her worries in God's hands.

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Woman and her dog relaxing on the grass

“What I’m trying to do here is to get you to relax, to not be so preoccupied with getting, so you can respond to God’s giving.” Matthew 6:31 (MSG)

Last May, I adopted a rescue dog. Rue wasn’t socialized, either to people or other animals. She is, as a result, fearful and bossy—a bad combination. At first, she was afraid of everything: a cookie sheet, a knock at the door, aluminum foil. She shied away, then fell back on her herding-breed attributes to take control of the situation. That she was confused and didn’t know the situation was never out of control in the first place didn’t faze her in the least.

She’s like that person who feels threatened and, instead of retreating, decides to take over. Her training now is to realize her master has things under control so she has no need to take over. Rue is improving, but it’s a long process. She’s a stubborn girl with an established pattern of coping. She wants her own way. She’s sure she’s right.

I want something better for her. I want her to relax, knowing I’ll take care of her. I’m glad she wants to please me, but I don’t need her in a hyperalert state, thinking everything depends on her. I want her to realize I’ve got this. Rue needs to learn to trust.

This has hit pretty close to home as I work with her because she reminds me of myself, always trying to help Jesus make everything work out the way I think it should. Meanwhile in my Bible reading, I hear Him say to stop worrying. His Father knows my needs and will satisfy them. Like Rue, I can’t quite believe that, so I keep trying to make stuff happen. When will I learn?

As with Rue, it’s a process.

Faith Step: Do you, like me, sometimes try to be the answer to your own prayers? Today, hand your anxious thoughts to Jesus. He can and will take care of you.

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