Feel the Heavenly Peace of Jesus

Like the angels announced, the peace of Jesus is always available.

Posted in , Nov 23, 2012

Feel the Heavenly Peace of Christmas

“Glory to God in the highest heaven, and on earth peace to those on whom his favor rests.” Luke 2:14 (NIV)

I lived many years without peace in my heart. My attention was focused on unhealthy relationships. My desire was for the approval of others, no matter the cost. Yet the attention, affection and approval I received was never enough. I did what I knew I shouldn’t to try to get what my heart felt was lacking. I had sex out of wedlock. I drank even though I was underage to get my friends’ approval. I watched R-rated movies I didn’t enjoy because I wanted to fit in. For every person who gave me approval, another refused. Even though I was trying to please others, my sins weighed me down.

Sin means missing the mark. It’s choosing our ways above God’s, and any way other than God’s will always bring pain. But like the angels announced, Jesus made the way for peace. Not peace between nations, but peace deep in my soul—our souls.

Peace came first when I dedicated my life to Jesus. Peace comes daily when I turn to Him through all the challenges of life.

• When I’m worried, peace comes when I say, “Jesus, I trust you.”

• When I’m tired, peace comes when I surrender, “Jesus, I need your strength.”

• When I’m fearful, peace comes when I know Jesus is watching me, loving me always.

Because of Jesus, the peace sung about that night in Luke 2 is always available to me. All I need to do is ask. All you need to do is ask.

Faith step: What situation is taking away your peace? Imagine placing that problem on your open hands and stretching it up to Jesus. Realize He now has the situation in His grasp. Allow peace to come.

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