Jesus Gives You Joy

Do you share your joy even when life is hard?

Posted in , Oct 20, 2021

Jesus Gives You Joy

Precisely because they have misled my people, saying, “Peace,” when there is no peace. . . . Ezekiel 13:10 (ESV) 

Though I’ve lived most of my life in the Northwoods of Wisconsin, I’m a fan of southern expressions. To describe the string of high temps lately—the heat dramatically out of character for this area—I might say the day is hot enough to sell ice cubes to a polar bear. Of a savvy salesman, I’d say, “He’s so good at it, he could sell wool socks to a lifeguard.”

I’ve been thinking about catch phrases like that lately because of the pervasive air of sadness and gloom that’s as close to us as the evening news or a social media thread. I’m glad I’m not joy’s marketing strategist. How do you market joy to a joyless, peaceless culture? What enticements could anyone offer a world that’s noted for its perpetually sour mood, its quickness to complain, its daily evidence of hatred, and its deeply embedded despair disorder?

Wait. I am on the joy-marketing strategy team by virtue of my relationship with the Joy-Giver, Jesus. It’s part of my calling to promote what He promotes. I’m a carrier—a joy-carrier. It’s in the DNA He gave me when I gave Him my life.

My marketing bullet points are: demonstrate what real joy looks like; show that real joy is found in Jesus, despite circumstances; and keep joy vibrant and visible even when life is hard.

Like selling wool socks to a lifeguard, right? No. It’s like selling a concept to a world that is already hungering and thirsting for it: “Come and get your joy! Joy for the taking. No minimum age or height requirements. It’s all here in Jesus, waiting for you.”

Faith Step: Expose your joy to the sunlight today. Someone watching may need to catch a glimpse of Jesus in you.

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