Make Time for God

Ways to cultivate an intimate relationship with Jesus.

Posted in , Jul 30, 2017

Make Time for God

I used to feel guilty when I had trouble staying consistent with my quiet time.  I thought if I loved God, it should come easy. 

Now I understand that my relationship with God takes work and deep commitment. It’s too easy to let the demands of everyday life pull me away from that precious time communing with Him. And what blessings I miss out on when that happens!

Writing devotions for Mornings with Jesus adds a freshness and new intimacy to my relationship with Jesus. I come away with a renewed appreciation for all that He does for me and for the many roles He fills in my life: Savior, Comforter, Intercessor, Defender, and the Friend who will never leave me—just to name a few!

Sometimes I worry about giving readers of my devotional writing the impression that I’ve got it all together—that I think I’ve got all the answers. Nothing is further from the truth! Some days I’m such a mess that I think, “Who am I to write about God’s Word or living for Christ?”

Like everyone else, I struggle and fail and let Jesus down. But because of God’s mercy and grace, He helps me get back up again when I fall.

Saturating my mind with His Word is crucial if I want to keep on growing and maturing in my faith.  There are some wonderful resources out there to use for devotions and quiet time, but when I’m in a spiritual slump, I prayerfully ask God what He wants me to read in His Word. It’s so exciting to know I’m reading a specific book of the Bible because God directed me there.

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