Put Your Devotion into Practice

Devotional writer and novelist Camy Tang shares how putting God's word to action grows her faith.

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Camy Tang, Mornings with Jesus Contributing Writer

I’ve been a full time writer for six years. Although I’ve mostly written novels, I also wrote devotions for a few online e-zines several years ago. When the opportunity came to write for Mornings With Jesus, I was very excited because writing devotions impacts my own spiritual life in so many surprising and deeply meaningful ways.

As I study the Bible to choose scripture verses, God speaks to me through His Word, which is always a wonderfully personal experience. As I write the devotion, I keep in touch with God through prayer and He always manages to help focus my attention on some aspect of my own life that needs divine attention.

I used to think that I only needed to read the Bible and pray a little during my devotional time, but now I’m realizing that I need to actually make a commitment to DO something to put my devotion into practice. I’ve seen my own faith grow because of that.

I start by listing five things I’m thankful for in my Gratitude Journal, an idea I got from reading Debbie Macomber. Then I read my Bible or do a little of my Bible study, and then I end in prayer. I also try to pray throughout the day to remind me of His presence and what I learned in my quiet time that morning. Keeping my devotional time close throughout the day helps me continually circle back and relate the real message, God-given change and growth, back to my own life in little, perfectly beautiful ways.

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