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Each day of our lives is itself a wondrous miracle

Posted in , Feb 6, 2015

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And I will show wonders in heaven above, and signs in the earth beneath…Acts 2:19

A couple of years ago I received a letter from a man in Virginia stating that his family had experienced many miracles and he thought that I might want to write about them. I wrote back asking if he would first write them down himself—just a brief description of each one would suffice—and let me see them.

A few weeks later I received an eighteen-page packet, each page describing a separate miracle. As I read through them, my thoughts went something like this: “Well, that’s not so unusual”; or “What’s so miraculous about that?”; or “That sounds like a coincidence to me.”

I read through the whole packet in that frame of mind, wondering with each page I turned about the man’s definition of “miracle.”

Then it occurred to me that maybe the greatest miracle in that man’s life was his marvelous ability to see the hand of God in every event! And what a precious gift that is!

As I returned to my daily tasks, I began to notice a few things I had been overlooking. The philodendron I had thought was dead had a brand new sprout. The book I just happened to pick up after lunch answered a question I had asked during morning prayer. Anita phoned at the very moment I was thinking of her. Miracles? Why not?

We just have to stop long enough to look around, to really look around. If you try keeping your eyes open today to see how many miracles you can count, I bet you’ll be every bit as surprised as I was.Each day of our lives is itself a wondrous miracle, Lord. Give me eyes to see.

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