Tap into God's Tremendous Power

Norman Vincent Peale shareshow you can replace your worries with God's strength.

Posted in , Mar 1, 2014

Dr. Norman Vincent Peale

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. Phillippians 4:6

Just what does the process of praying do for you to relieve you of worry? One thing it does is release and activate your built-in strength.

Every one of us has more strength by far than he ever dreamed of. Have you ever used all your strength? All of it? No, you have never used one-half of your strength, nor have I. I’ll go further and say that I doubt that any of us has ever used one-tenth of his strength.

We have tremendous reservoirs of power that we could call into action if we wanted to. The greatest achievement in life is to know how to continually break out from yourself the strength that is there.

You pray the strength out, you believe it out, you practice it out. And then the worry fades away. It is amazing the strength that people have–that you have, that I have.

If power isn’t coming through, find the block and remove it. Always poke around a problem, looking for its soft spot, for nearly every problem has one. Then break the problem open and find the solution.

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