Devotions for Faith/Prayer

A joyful woman exults on a winter's day

The Secret to True Joy

Know that God’s glory surrounds you. Remember that He ...

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A winter's night

Experience His Heavenly Light

This time of year when the nights are long, the world can s ...

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A woman gives thanks

Activate God’s Blessings

Dr. Norman Vincent Peale said that when we give thanks, ...

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Thoughtful woman standing in her doorway

Letting Go

I knew my daughter Danielle would be okay, but would I? Danielle had told me about her ...

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A young woman prays, Bible in hand

Amen for His Glory

God is always faithful. He will never break a promise, leave or forsake you. When you ...

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A young woman looks upward, smiling

Surrender to ‘God’s Will’ Power

The holidays can test your self-control, whether it’s ...

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Autumn road surrounded by trees

Life’s Storms

I can bend, but I won’t break! This became my mantra after reading about how palm trees have th ...

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A country road in autumn

From Stressed to Blessed

On stressful days you might feel as if no one understa ...

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Jesus stretching out his hand

Walk to Jesus

“It’s important to keep your mother active between my home visits,” my mom’s ...

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A woman prays in the morning

Start with Praise

Try this powerful prayer technique: Begin your prayer time ...

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A woman shares food with a senior neighbor

God’s Perfect Love

Loving God is a process that begins by consistently spendin ...

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A woman walks in the autumn woods

Mind Set on God

Our minds frame our perspective and shape every experience. When you keep the Lord in your mind, ...

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A woman prays

Prayer for Strength

Sometimes obstacles seem so large that you might feel d ...

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A woman prays

Spiritual Fitness

Keep your faith in check. Make sure that you pray every day ...

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