Devotions for Faith/Prayer

An open Bible in a man's hands

The Path to Joy

Living by His Word and walking with Jesus is the p ...

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A woman prays at sunrise

Miracles Abound

Life is filled with miracles. Meaningful moments of ...

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A man stands atop a mountain

Remove Doubts

Take a minute to consider what mountains are stopping you from living your best life. What belief ...

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Woman standing alone by a lake

What If . . . ?

“What if Mike and I get into an accident?” I asked my friend Julie over the phone. ...

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A bricklayer at work

Your Passion Is Your Purpose

Jesus gave you passion and the ability to add purpose to yo ...

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The River Jordan

Come and You Will See

Jesus is your Master Teacher. Be like the disciples at the shores of the ...

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Woman lifting hands up towards the sky

Exercising Our Faith

From the spot at the pulleys at my physical therapy facility, I watched transfixed as the woman m ...

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A woman stands at the bow of a boat

Live Your Purpose

Life's trivial details can take up your time and impede you from reaching your ...

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An open Bible by a window

Indeed Only One

Sit in God's presence. Find a place away from the noise ...

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A detour sign on a rural road

The Unpredictable Path

When you develop your faith and trust in God, you can r ...

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A man prays in church

Stretched by Faith

When you pray for God to change a difficult situation, ...

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Jesus extending his hand

In God’s Hands

It was 3:00 pm, and I was anxious. The doctor still hadn’t sent an important prescription to th ...

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A father holds hands with his young daughter

Happy Father’s Day

Today as you celebrate Father’s Day, thank your ...

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A sad woman

A Way in the Wilderness

No matter what loss you are facing, because of Jesus you can ...

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