Devotions for Faith/Prayer

A directional sign at a crossroads

When You Need Answers

When you are at a crossroads and need help with a decision ...

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A wooded path

It’s a Journey, Not a Competition

Life isn’t a competition. The more you recognize that your journey is a ...

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A fork in a rural road

Healthy Boundaries

God gives us boundaries and guidelines to ease life’s jou ...

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Butterflies in spring

God’s Fingerprints

God communicates through His creation. Nature showcases ...

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A contemplative woman gazes out the window

You Complete Me

Insecurities can lead a person to hold on too tightly—to relationships, jobs and possessions. ...

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A man holds an open Bible

Strength from the Struggle

In the above verse, Paul shares that trials, suffering and pain help refine your soul. When you a ...

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A woman prays

A Time to Trust

somEtimEs GoD’s HanD is evident, but do you trust the da ...

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Woman looking upward towards the sky

When Only a Word Will Do

My homebound patient, Imogene, was nearing the end of her s ...

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A senior woman smiles

Never Too Late

In this scripture, what began as a sarcastic laugh tran ...

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A womana reads her Bible

Stay on Track

At one time or another, you might turn away from God’s g ...

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A woman stading in a field of flowers basks in the sun

Future Blessings

Even when it seems your prayers go unanswered, God’s ...

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A owman encourages her friend

The Highest Form

God has called you to share His love with others. Just ...

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A smiling child gazes heavenward

Acknowledge God

In the above verse, the devil misquotes scripture to tempt Jesus, deliberately leaving out “to ...

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An open Bible

The Burden of the Word

The name Malachi means “my messenger.” This verse shows the responsibility of carrying the we ...

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