Devotions for Good Health

A multicultural group of people clasp hands in unity

A Community Comes Together for Healing

In this excerpt from Daily Guideposts, our annual collection of uplifting devotions, Carla Hendricks shares an inspiring account of her Tennessee community’s efforts to achieve racial unity.

Woman walking outdoors

Keep Moving

I turned our downstairs into a track. No, I didn’t put down polyurethane or paint lines on the ...

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Smiling woman enjoying the outdoors

I’m Just Fine

“How’s Herb?” people would ask me when we’d meet on the street. I was evasive. ...

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A jogging woman

Take Care of Your Whole Self

Be a good steward of your whole self and recognize that ...

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A women gazes out her window

Free Yourself from Sin

When Jesus told His followers to pray “Forgive us our sin ...

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A woman looks heavenward

Grow While You Wait

Waiting is part of the process of becoming the person God wants you to be—a time of growth wher ...

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Man holding his arms out toward the autumn sky

Cry for Mercy

Do you feel like you bounce back and forth between hospital and home, exhausted by all the ...

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Sheep in a meadow

Your Voice

A shepherd stood on the hillside, watching over his flock. His ...

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Sad woman looking out the window

Beat the Blues

Let’s face it. Over time, being a caretaker takes its toll on us. And when we’re worn down, d ...

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A woman doing pilates.

How Fitness Is a Spiritual Practice

The choices that you make have an impact far beyond yourself.

Man walking in a forest

Come Aside

Feeling overwhelmed? Caregivers have so much to do—so many demands and so little help ...

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A serene woman gazes out at the ocean

Good Choices, Great Life

Lent is the perfect time to listen to the voice deep in your heart and to be guided by ...

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Happy woman outdoors

Don’t Worry, Be Happy

A father spent months worrying over medical bills while ...

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A man experiences shame

Forgive Yourself

Do you carry guilt or shame about something from your p ...

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A young person works to remodel a home for charity

The Key to More Energy

Dr. Norman Vincent Peale said, “the more you lose you ...

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Happy woman

A Spiritual Workout

Caring for another is beneficial to our health, both ph ...

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