Put Restless Thoughts to Bed

Is anxiety keeping you awake at night? Read this devotion.

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Put Restless Thoughts to Bed

I reflect at night on who you are, O Lord, and I obey your law because of this. Psalm 119:55 (NLT)

Some people like my husband, Gene, enjoy the gift of sleep. I must have been absent on the day that gift was handed out.

My body lies still in bed, but my brain flits in a gazillion different directions. First my thoughts land on my family members, then on my work projects, and then on our finances and ministry obligations. Thoughts wing from one topic to the next, often dragging worry along with them.

Turning those worrisome thoughts into prayer (at times a difficult process) helps calm my mind and still my soul, especially when I take time to focus on the character of the One to Whom I pray.

“I praise You, Jesus, for loving me and my family,” I whisper. “I praise You for being our protector, our provider, our Prince of Peace. I praise You for being faithful, a fortress in whom we can hide, and a refuge from the storms of life.”

Reflecting on the character of Christ settles my anxious thoughts and soothes my spirit during the night. When I finally do fall asleep, it also causes me to sleep more restfully and wake with a more positive outlook the next morning.

I may have gone to bed concerned about a particular situation, but meditating on Jesus changes everything. My appreciation and love for Him deepens, and my trust in Him grows to handle every difficult situation I face.

FAITH STEP: Write a couple of favorite Bible verses on a card and keep them by your bedside so you can meditate on truth when you can’t sleep.

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