Devotions for Loved Ones

Edward and Gracie

Life Lessons from Gracie the Dog

See life through the eyes of love in this uplifting devotion from Daily Guideposts.

Three female friends smiling

TLC PleaSe

It was another meeting of the five of us that afternoon in the coffee shop, women who’d been ...

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A man's hands clasped in prayer

Healing for Yourself and Loved Ones

Dr. Norman Vincent Peale advised that when you need hea ...

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Wooded path

A Clear Pathway

A grown daughter sat at the bedside of her ailing father. For years she’d watched him abuse his ...

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Adult daughter and senior father

Parenting Our Parents

They are our parents and we are their children—but somehow it doesn’t always stay that way. S ...

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Woman by a lake

Attitudes of Life

Attitudes can be a serious problem in our caregiving ministry—our attitudes and theirs ...

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Woman enjoying a sunset on a dock

Fall on God

Falls are all too common for older folks with poor eyes ...

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Autumn sunrise over mountains

Life’s Changed

The day may come when your caregiving responsibilities are ...

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Senior woman reading her Bible

The Flat Tent Club

The day before, when Laura helped her elderly mother rise from the sofa, her own back popped. Now ...

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The Hands That Will Change the World

The Hands That Will Change the World

The most amazing hands of all time were Jesus’ hands.

Worried man

Misunderstood Mission

Some days we wonder why we got ourselves into this caregiving situation. Friends or family may tr ...

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Woman smiling while on the phone

Answering God’s Call to Care

Before God sent Elijah from the brook Cherith, He had already commanded a widow in Zarephath to s ...

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Senior woman drinking water

The Gift of Dignity

When Sarah’s mother came home from the hospital, Sarah wa ...

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Two women talking outdoors

For His Sake…

God takes the trials we go through and uses them for Hi ...

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Senior couple holding hands

Think About This

When June’s husband fell at home and ended up in the hospital, she was overwhelmed by guilt. Wh ...

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Woman writing in notebook

Uplifting Words

“I can’t get over all the cards and notes I’ve received,” a woman commented. “They’ve ...

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