Faith in Others

A lesson in trusting God and those around you

Posted in , Jun 4, 2010

Faith in Others

“Yet I am always with you; you hold me by my right”—Psalm 73:23

One day, my daughter Julie asked me to pick up  four-year-old Katie at kindergarten. Katie bounded out to the car, delighted to see me, and we drove off. I had to stop by the drugstore, and as Katie and I got out of the car, she immediately put her hand into mine. She seemed to do it without thinking or making a big deal of it. What a wonderful thing it is to have a small trusting hand thrust into your own. As we left the drugstore, once again her hand found mine. No words. Not even a glance. Just her hand securely nestled in mine.

Driving home I thought about the incident. Why, God must feel exactly as I had! What a joy He must experience when with complete trust and without fanfare we simply slip our hand into His and walk  alongside Him quietly and with absolute faith.

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