One Thing My Cat Taught Me About Faith

Before starting your next project, go to the Source of all wisdom and knowledge and ask for guidance.

Posted in , Apr 24, 2019

One Thing My Cat Taught Me About Faith

All the treasures of wisdom and knowledge are hidden in Him. Colossians 2:3 (HCS)

Years ago, our family had a kitten who loved to sit in the bathroom window and look out at the backyard. Unfortunately, the window didn’t have a sill. Jasmine quickly learned to hop up on the toilet, jump up and grab the lower part of the window frame, then pull herself the rest of the way up and lie against the screen. One day she made the mistake of not looking first to see if the window was raised.

After Jasmine grabbed the window frame, she saw that she had no place to go. The scrawny little kitten hung on with all her might, meowing pitifully. Hearing her cries, I rushed into the bathroom. After one glance at her little face, I quickly raised the window and gave her rear end a boost up.

I started laughing at how Jasmine had looked, but stopped abruptly. How often do I look that way? I wondered. So often I rush into my own little schemes, ignoring the privilege of going to the Source of all wisdom to ask for guidance first. Then I cry out to Him in the middle of the mess I’ve made, when I’m barely hanging on by my own strength. In spite of my foolishness, my Savior’s loving hands are always there, ready to lift me up.

During Jesus’s ministry on earth, He often amazed the people and the Jewish leaders with His teaching. They knew He hadn’t been formally trained as a rabbi, yet His deep knowledge and understanding of the Scriptures were evident. As a believer, I can draw upon that wisdom through prayer and Bible study. Just as my cat learned to check and make sure the window was raised before jumping up, my goal is to always ask Jesus for wisdom before I act.

FAITH STEP : Do you have a decision to make or a new project to begin? Before jumping right in, why not first go to the Source of all wisdom and knowledge to ask for guidance?

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