The Hands That Will Change the World

The most amazing hands of all time were Jesus’ hands.

Posted in , May 9, 2019

The Hands That Will Change the World

You have given me your shield of victory. Your right hand supports me; your help has made me great. Psalm 18:35 (NLT)

I love my mom’s hands. They are capable and hardworking. Veins line the top of them. They are weathered from years of working in her garden. But these are the hands that felt my feverish forehead when I was little. I reached for them in the middle of a crowd so that I could feel safe. They showed me how to clean, make chocolate chip cookies, and write my name.

When my boys were born, my mom’s were the first hands to give my babies a bath. They taught me how to swaddle and hold and nurture. My mom’s hands are my favorite. They are the embodiment of care and love.

Lately, my hands have begun to look more like my mom’s. My hands find a great deal of joy being in the dirt, planting flowers, and holding the hands of my growing boys. My hands cook and clean and take care of my family. And they write stories and mark the years as they fly by. I want my hands to be the embodiment of care and love.

The most amazing hands of all time were Jesus’ hands. His hands performed miracles and brought the dead to life. His hands broke bread and fish and fed thousands. His hands healed the sick and even helped the blind to see. His hands blessed the sun, warmed heads of children, and helped the lame to walk. Jesus’ hands are the true embodiment of care and love. When we use our hands to care for those around us, our hands are like Jesus’ hands. And those are the hands that will change the world.

Faith Step: Look at your hands. These are the hands of Jesus, showing love for the world you live in. Remember that throughout the day as you care for those you love.


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