Devotions for Loved Ones

Mother and daughter looking out a window

Two Equals One

“I don’t have to go,” Mom protested as my sister, a nurse, escorted her to the bathroom, ex ...

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Woman holding her hands over her heart

Putting Things in Perspective

“I’m ready,” my mother called from her room. “Fold your blanket. I’ll be ther ...

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A pair of hands doing a puzzle

Am I Wasting My Time?

While I was fixing supper, my wife, Candy, was in her recliner working on ...

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Senior woman praying at home

Stop the Stigma

The theater lights came up and my husband smiled as the credits rolled. Even though he had been ...

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A spread of food

Good Food and Good Love

Old Sarge, as my dad was called, never complained about the physical indignities he suffered as P ...

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Smiling woman enjoying the outdoors

Smiling the Smile

“Here! Put this up. And get me a drink!” Mom said a little more harshly than I hoped she mean ...

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Senior man smiling

Bringing the Sweetness to Life

When I was a child, one of the best things about visiting m ...

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Colorful autumn leaves by a lake

Necessary Transitions

“After two years, I was screaming inside my head. That’s when I finally knew it was time for ...

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Sunrise in the mountain

Happiness in the Past or in the Present

All in all, my mom is still pretty with it. We only saw hin ...

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Child holding a flower

A Life Lesson of Compassion

When my grandfather moved in with us when our two sons were babies, I didn’t give much consider ...

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Boy sitting on rocks by a lake

Repeating Childhood

As my mother’s dementia stole more of her mind, she i ...

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Dog sniffing a flower

Preparing for Loss

Beethoven stopped eating. As I sent this text to the family, my eyes teared up. Our ...

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Moon above clouds

Monday Night Dancing

Although we lived hundreds of miles apart, Mom and I found one way we could still be together and ...

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Serene woman looking out of a window

Managing our Expectations

When my grandfather moved in with us, I was full of ideas about what it was going to be like. We ...

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