Devotions for Loved Ones

Active seniors

When We Grow Weary

Watching Parkinson’s destroy my mother’s body was b ...

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Spring flowers

Dancing to God’s Tune

Lillian, known as G.G. to our family, had just celebrated her 92nd birthday. Her cognitive abilit ...

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Hands holding each other

It Takes a Village

I thank God every day for guiding my mother to the assisted ...

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Senior woman standing by a lake

The Keys

“Sharon, I was dizzy and almost passed out driving home from the grocery today. ...

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Woman standing on a pier at sunset

Finding the Answers in the Small Moments

When my mother was diagnosed with a serious illness—Progressive Supranuclear Palsy— ...

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Shared Pain, Double Gain

All my 90-year-old mother thought or talked about was her c ...

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Caregiver helping senior woman down the stairs

My Anchor

“Sharon, I have an awful sore throat. It might be a tooth.” Mom was getting frailer. These da ...

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Senior women hugging

In the Scheme of Things

I hear the door to the outside of our house slamming shut for the fourth time that morning. It’ ...

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Butterfly among summer flowers

The Surprise Caregiver

When I was diagnosed with a brain tumor in my early tee ...

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Senior man wearing headphones

Finding Common Ground

My dad and I shared many things: We were fans of the Boston Celtics, Gene Kelly, and mysteries an ...

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Senior couple holding hands

The Move

"Mike, I think it’s time to see if your parents want to move to Columbus,” I said to my husba ...

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Trees in a park

The Walks

As I watch my husband enter our home from his daily walk to ...

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Wooded path

A Clear Pathway

A grown daughter sat at the bedside of her ailing father. For years she’d watched him abuse his ...

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Adult daughter and senior father

Parenting Our Parents

They are our parents and we are their children—but somehow it doesn’t always stay that way. S ...

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