A Holiday Sign of Jesus’ Love

There is always peace, joy and hope with His presence during the Christmas season.

Posted in , Dec 11, 2019

A Holiday Sign of Jesus’ Love

“Glory to God in highest heaven, and peace on earth to those with whom God is pleased.” Luke 2:14 (NLT)

During the Christmas season, I usually hang a simple marquee sign that lights up the word PEACE across our carport. Until this year. When I turned it on, it read ACE. I have another marquee sign for the bookcase next to our fireplace that reads JOY. It was also losing bulbs. I  thought I could  change  some out and have either PEACE or JOY instead of ACE and OY. 

I switched out the bulbs, but now, neither of them lights up. So I decided that I would buy some new marquee lighting spelling HOPE. The letters arrived yesterday. No H. Just OPE. 

This seems to be a reflection of my life. Searching for complete peace, joy, and hope, but not quite there yet. I think that is where Jesus comes in. Into my brokenness. Our brokenness. With the brightness of His love. 

The One Who was born in a stable, amid the muck and bellow of animal cries, is used to bringing peace, joy, and hope into our messy lives. He does it with angel choirs and brilliant stars and extravagant gifts. Loving us right where we are. Bringing His glory and holiness when we have none of our own, so that we can stand together, loved and restored. Holding out our hands to the heavens, we can shout, “It’s so good that You came!” and “What in the world would we do without You?” It is because of Jesus and His presence in our lives that, on this cold December morning, we can have truckloads of OY, an over-whelming sense of OPE, and an all-encompassing blanket of ACE on earth, good will toward men. 

Faith Step: Step outside into the cold, raise your hands in the air, and thank Jesus for the peace, joy, and hope that He has showered down on your life.

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