Devotions for Inspiration

California Grey Whale breaching; photo by Larry Pannell/Getty Images

Spirit Lifting: Coming Home

This devotions reminds us that, wherever life may lead us, our true home still awaits.

A desert sunrise

The Finger of God

Pharoah's stubbornness and refusal to set the Israelites free led to God punishing him by sending ...

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A smiling young woman

Look to the Good

When you make a mistake or regret saying something, forgive ...

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A man prays in church

A Little Less Martha

It’s easy to become “worried and upset about many ...

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A young girl gazes up at a starry sky

Star Gazing Is the Perfect Spiritual Practice

When was the last time you engaged in the age-old practice of ...

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A young woman greets the sunrise from a hilltop

God Chooses Ordinary People

God often chooses unlikely people for His work. You might feel ...

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A woman prays in church

Center Your Heart

If you feel empty and unable to connect with God, take ...

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Dr. Norman Vincent Peale

Let Go of the Past

Dr. Norman Vincent Peale advised, “Let go of the past ...

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Woman praying

Joy and Thankfulness

Hannah had prayed for years for a child. In those days, not bearing a child was a sign of disgrac ...

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A woman reading outside; Getty Images

5 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Daily Devotional

The author of Guideposts’ popular 60 Days of Prayer highlights the benefits of spending time with God through devotions and prayer.

Church choir

The Warrior Sings

What kind of picture does this verse create in your mind? The Lord is a mighty warrior who leads ...

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A man prays in church

The Wisdom of Not Knowing

It is okay to not know everything. To not know what you want, or how to make things better. When ...

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Tree under a starry sky

The Gift That Keeps on Giving

After we’ve been Christians awhile and traveled down the road of our spiritual journey, it’s ...

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Woman smelling summer flowers

A Fresh Start

There is something about a fresh beginning. At the star ...

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A frustrated man

Go Ahead and Yell

The Book of Psalms shows us that God doesn’t mind when we ...

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Rainbow among raindrops

Love Is the Measure

How can we surmount the two major d’s—discouragement and despair—of caregiving? ...

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