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A monarch butterfly rests on milkweed; photo by Annie Otzen/Getty Images

Spirit Lifting: Butterfly Blessings

This devotion reminds us that God blesses us in innumerable ways, sending gifts both large and small.

Vegetable harvest

A Life-Giving Surprise

I was pulling fresh vegetables out of the refrigerator ...

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Woman stretching her arms out towards the sun

Caregivers Need Care, Too

Lord, help me! Some caregiver I was to my beloved husband, who was battling lung cancer. I couldn ...

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Interlocking hands

A Multitude of Angels

When my doctor told me that my pregnancy was in jeopardy, and I’d have to spend the last four m ...

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Content woman outdoors

Picture This

My depression deepened with each falling tear. Dealing ...

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Woman writing in notebook

Writing My Way to Peace

Yesterday, I had worked with Susan, a hospice patient, in my role as a therapeutic musician. Her ...

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Pensive woman looking out a window

Mirror, Mirror

Panic gripped my heart as I dug through my purse, frantic over missing keys. “I’m behaving ju ...

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Mother and daughter smelling flowers

A Change of Routine

When I came into her room, my three-year-old granddaughter Zoë’s eyes grew wide. “Is it time ...

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Praying hands

Feeling Good

Mom ran a comb through her thin, sparse hair and frowned in disgust. “You know, Mom, ...

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Julia Attaway, Seeds of Devotion blogger

Devotion in Overwhelming Times

Sometimes my prayer list spins out of control and I feel overwhelmed.  Then I think, Stop. The answer is devotion, not despair.

Man walking on the beach

A Caregiver’s First Commandment

“I found a penny in the street—roughed up, beaten a ...

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Single tree in a golden field

Using Life’s Experiences

“Get out, I don’t know you!” shouted Mr. Sims, a resident at a memory care facility where I ...

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Senior group talking


I posed the question to my MS group on Facebook: “When do you know it’s time to get a handica ...

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Caregiver and senior walking outdoors

A Loving Heart

One afternoon when I dropped off my mom’s medications at the memory care home where she lived, ...

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Woman sitting on a hill

Prayer Hill

I hurried out of the house for a walk. I needed to clear my ...

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Peaceful woman outdoors

How Good It Is

My husband woke in a panic—he could hardly breathe. He was having a severe flare with his ...

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