A Devotion to Be Debt-Free

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A Devotion to Be Debt-Free

Christ Jesus, Himself human, who gave Himself— a ransom for all, a testimony at the proper time. —1 TIMOTHY 2:5-6

When we moved to our first full-time church after seminary, my husband’s salary was tight with our growing family. When I opened the mail one day and found a $400 late fee bill from a car dealership we had formerly done business with, I was devastated.

A few months before we had paid off our first new car and celebrated our “debt-free” status. The bill might as well have read $4,000! As far as we knew, we had always made our payments on time. Apparently the dealership had never notified us of any late payments until after they had received our last check.

After praying, we finally decided to send them an honest appeal letter, explaining that we were unaware of any late payments while in seminary and had worked hard to keep a good credit rating. The debt would be extremely hard on our family. We were hoping for more time or at least small monthly payments.

Finally a letter arrived, which offered neither option. Instead they forgave our debt—erased the entire amount! God sent us a personal letter called the Bible. Those who read it carefully discover they owe Him a tremendous debt caused by sin. No amount of money, good credit ratings, or emotional appeals can reduce or ever remove the debt. How devastating!

But in that same letter God revealed a way for us to be debt-free. He gave His own Son, Jesus, to die on a cross and take our penalty. Our part? Only believe, and receive that one-time payment for ourselves—for eternity. How could we not accept His offer?

Jesus, my spirit rejoices in You, my Savior. To You be glory, majesty, power, and authority now and forevermore! Amen.

Faith Step
Have you ever received Jesus’s gift of “debt-free” status personally? If so, describe how that feels.

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