A Prayer for Making Life-Changing Decisions

When you are uncertain about your future, trust Jesus to direct your paths.

Posted in , Oct 21, 2019

Sneaker shoes and arrows pointing in different directions on asphalt ground.

A man’s mind plans his way [as he journeys through life], But the LORD directs his steps and establishes them. Proverbs 16:9 (AMP)

Recently I had to make a difficult career decision. I wanted to make sure I wasn’t stepping out of the will of God by trying to escape an arduous assignment for something easier. I prayed, asking Jesus to make the decision for me.

Shortly after praying that prayer, I found out that is not how Jesus operates. The choice was mine. But I wanted to make sure I was making the right choice. I didn’t want be thrown into chaos all over again. I was also comfortable in my current position. Was I afraid to leave my familiar surroundings?

After much prayer, I decided to stay in my current position. Again I sought the guidance of Jesus, asking Him to close the door on the other option if I was making the right decision. But Jesus kept the other door open, and I continued to vacillate between the two choices. I wanted to choose correctly. Midprocess, I began to realize that I can make plans, but ultimately Jesus is the One who will direct my path if I trust in Him.

Regardless of our decisions in some areas of our lives, Jesus will have His way. When we seek His guidance, He will determine the direction of our steps and authenticate our decisions, assuring us that we are on the right course.

After much back and forth, I chose to make the career move. I know I will miss the familiar surroundings, but I am confident that Jesus is directing my steps. Even though I am uncertain about what I will face, I believe it’ll be a good career decision. I know that Jesus is leading the way.

Faith Step: When making potentially life-changing decisions, go to Jesus in prayer for guidance. “Lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct your paths” (Proverbs 3:5–6, NKJV).

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