Ask for What You Need

Those flowers I planted reminded me to speak up!

Posted in , Jun 4, 2010

“You do not have, because you do not ask God.”—James 4:2

The bachelor’s buttons I planted grew wonderfully tall, their fuzzy pink and periwinkle heads waving above the other flowers. Then one day I noticed they had drooped, their leaves sagging on the ground. But after a long, gentle watering they perked right back up again. Those bachelor’s buttons were certainly not shy about showing their needs. When they wanted water, it was abundantly plain!

I’m trying to learn to ask for what I need. If I need my husband Gary to slow down and give me a hug, I’ll say so. If I want my son Brett to turn off the TV and make conversation with me, I’ll ask him. If I want my secretary to give me a few uninterrupted hours, I’ll let her know. And when I need extra help from the Giver of Living Water, I won’t be shy to talk to Him about my shortcomings and my needs.

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