Spirit Lifting: Dare

This devotion reminds us that facing up to our fears often brings rich rewards.

Posted in , Jul 29, 2021

A boy leaps into a lake from a float/Melnotte/iStock/Getty Images Plus

“Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.”—Robert F. Kennedy

“I can’t do it!” my son James yelled. At four years old, James, who can swim, often had to be talked into things, including going to Disney World, trying cake and, apparently, jumping into a lake while wearing a life jacket. We’ve learned that we sometimes need to push him to try or else he misses out.

“I can’t!” he continued. “I’m too scared!”

I swam closer to him. “Then be scared,” I said, “and do it anyway!” His brow furrowed as he considered my words. And then he jumped…as much as you can jump from a float that’s directly on the water. Then he did it again and again and again.

Later, when he was snuggled in a warm towel, I asked him what the highlight of his day was.

“Jumping in, Mama,” he said. Like James, I sometimes need to dare to get my best reward.

Lord, give me the confidence to trust in you always. Amen.—Ashley Kappel

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