Spirit Lifting: God's Hidden Blessings

This devotion reminds us that all of our favorite things are sent from God.

Posted in , May 27, 2021

A woman on a swing in the mountains; Credit: Anna Berkut/Getty Images

Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.—Psalm 37:4 (NIV)

A recent writing exercise asked me to list everything I loved.

Here are some items on that list: Chocolate, of course. The smell of cut grass. The relaxed, quiet pleasure of a job well done. Laughter around the dinner table at the end of a meal. Red barns at summer twilight. My cat’s head butt against my shin. My husband’s greeting as I walk through the door.

I delight in these things. Do I delight, in the same way, in God? Where is God on that list?

The way my mom folds me up in her arms when she hugs me. My dad’s patience. The sparkly way the air feels before a thunderstorm. Being all alone in a dark, cool church.

I look at the list again. God is there, suffusing every single thing on that list with grace and holiness and joy. I delight in him by delighting in them. This perfect world! My perfect life! I am blessed to be alive.

Indeed, God gives me the desires of my heart.

God, no matter what happens today, my life is good. You make it so.

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