The Hope of a New Day

Watch a sunrise and see a new vision.

Posted in , Jun 4, 2010

“I wait for the Lord, my soul waits.”—Psalm 130:5

Passing through a long, dark place, a place of great uncertainty and upheaval, I sit in the big green chair by the window. Wrapped in Mother’s afghan, I began to sense that somewhere inside of me a sunrise is waiting to happen. I position myself so that my line of vision is eastward. And I wait. I wait expectantly, knowing that the Father of all sunrises will not fail me. As the first long-fingered rays of pink reach over the horizon to nudge away the night, I begin to catch a new vision of what my life can be. And I reach for it without yet knowing its shape. Suddenly, oranges and golds blaze forth. And there it is—the sun! A new day! The child in me jumps up and down, shouting, “Yes! Yes! I am ready for the morning!”

Watch a sunrise; it can bridge your way to a new day!

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