When a loved one dies, sorrow and grief surround us. But your memories of happy times together survive the sadness, and your belief that death is not the end can comfort you following a loss.
Chrissy Metz in 'Breakthrough'
Movies and TV

Chrissy Metz’s New Movie Explores the Power of Prayer

The ‘This Is Us’ actress shares how working on Breakthrough, a forthcoming Christian film, deepened her faith.

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Looking at a Christmas card
Inspiring Stories

A Greeting Card from Heaven

Christmas greetings mysteriously re-appear from a beloved, deceased friend.

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George W. Bush saying goodbye to his father, George H.W. Bush
Inspiring Stories

The Power of Unconditional Love

How George W. Bush expressed a son’s deep and abiding love for his late father.

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Jane Seymour

Interview with the Author: Jane Seymour

Actress Jane Seymour discusses what she calls "angel moments" and the repeated appearances of single white feathers that have occurred since the death of her mother.

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Christina, a Guideposts staffer
Coping With Grief

Wayfarers Inn: Coping With Loss

Real people share their stories of grief and loss in the hopes of helping other navigate moving forward after unimaginable tragedy. 

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Memorial service
Stories of Hope

Showing Love in a Crisis

When the news is overwhelming, God’s goodness still emerges.

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Patrick in his fatigues holding flowers.
God's Grace

What Did The Recurring Dream Mean?

Her son had died in Iraq, but in her dreams he tried to tell her something

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Group of friends laughing around a dinner table
Living Longer, Living Better

Want to Live Longer? Focus on Relationships

Why having a social life may be the best thing you can do for your health. 

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Moving past tragedy
Power of Prayer

How to Cope with a Loss Like the Branson Duck Boat Accident

The capsized boat that took 17 lives, leaves survivors who must find their inner strength through prayer, community and God’s love.

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Depressed woman
Power of Prayer

Prayers for Comfort After a Death by Suicide

How to express our loss as well as lift up others who battle depression and hopelessness.

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