When a loved one dies, sorrow and grief surround us. But your memories of happy times together survive the sadness, and your belief that death is not the end can comfort you following a loss.
Singer Peggy Lee
True Stories of Answered Prayer

Guideposts Classics: Peggy Lee on the Power of Prayer

In this story from June 1954, singer Peggy Lee shares how the prayers of friends and strangers from different backgrounds strengthened her faith.

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Jordan and Jessica Rice
Managing Life Changes

Love Stories We Love: Jordan and Jessica

Both widowed in their 20s, Jordan and Jessica Rice found love again through Facebook.

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John Wooden quotes, Guideposts
Positive Living

In Memory of John Wooden

One man's long-ago encounter with the legendary basketball coach still bears blessings.

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Actress Irene Dunne
Movies and TV

Guideposts Classics: Irene Dunne on Her Faith Journey

In this story from December 1951, actress Irene Dunne likens her walk with God to a refreshing and restorative trip.

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Donna Engeman's now an administrator with the Army’s Survivor Outreach Services.
Managing Life Changes

The Knock on the Door

The moment every military family dreads can also be the moment when hope begins.

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An artist's rendering of a greeting card at the top of a flight of stairs
God's Grace

The Card at the Top of the Stairs

Tom grieved for years over his wife's death, but a divine greeting card gave him hope.

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Poet Robert Frost
Finding Life Purpose

Guideposts Classics: Robert Frost and Faith

In this story from August 1955, John Sherrill writes of his time spent with beloved poet Robert Frost.

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Are you a prayer warrior? Photo by B-C-Designs, Thinkstock.
Stories of Faith

On-Call Prayer Warrior

Sometimes your prayer could be the difference between life and death.

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Woman dialing a phone
God's Grace

A Not-So-Random Call

Only divine intervention could stop me from drinking.

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Visions of heaven.
Emotional and Mental Health

Are Visions of Heaven Just Malarkey?

A bestselling book is just bunk, says its young author.

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