When a loved one dies, sorrow and grief surround us. But your memories of happy times together survive the sadness, and your belief that death is not the end can comfort you following a loss.
The scales of justice
Emotional and Mental Health

The Eric Garner Case: Struggling for an Answer

Race is America's third rail. Can we find justice without judgment?

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Texting and driving, deadly for teens. Photo from 123RF(r).

Text Message Delivered

Texting while driving is now the leading cause of death among teenagers.

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Steven Eugene Carter

Finding Purpose in Rejection

After the devastating discovery of his adoption, one man went on to find his identity in God

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New still from NBC's A.D.
Movies and TV

Here's Your First Look At NBC's 'A.D.'

The network just released the first trailer for the follow-up to their The Bible miniseries.

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Actor and humanitarian Danny Thomas
Answered Prayers

Guideposts Classics: Danny Thomas on Prayer and Promises

In this story from May 1981, actor and comedian Danny Thomas recalls how an answered prayer led him to found Saint Jude's Children's Research Hospital.

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Assistant editor Daniel Kessel
God's Grace

Grateful for a Chance Meeting

An unexpected encounter brightened a dark day for assistant editor Daniel Kessel

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5 Warning Signs of Suicide
Coping With Illness

5 Warning Signs of Suicide

September is National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month. Here are some ways to recognize despair in your loved ones.

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Miracles have a ripple effect. Photo Mikael Damkier, Shutterstock.
God's Grace

The Aftermath of a Miracle

A miracle is God’s connection with us that ripples outward, in ever-widening circles.

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The miraculous Great Pyramid at Giza. Photo by Mikael Damkier, Shutterstock.
God's Grace

The Miracle Pyramid

Miracles range from the everyday to the thunderbolt variety. Here are some examples.

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A woman with a shopping cart full of groceries.

Thanksgiving Restored

A woman finding it difficult to feel gratitude is reminded that blessings abide, even in tough times.

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