When a loved one dies, sorrow and grief surround us. But your memories of happy times together survive the sadness, and your belief that death is not the end can comfort you following a loss.
Dr. Maya Angelou. Photo credit: Wake Forest University
Comfort Kits

Giving Others Hope and Encouragement

I could not help but think of Guideposts Outreach Ministries as Dr. Maya Angelou spoke, sang and read about the gift of hope.

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A hand reaches with a tiny blue gift box in the open palm.
Managing Life Changes

Her Mother's Loving Arms

Though she dearly missed her departed mother, an unexpected gift from a friend brought her comfort.

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Empty chairs in a hospital waiting room
Managing Life Changes

Leaving Her Brother in Good Hands

She couldn't say goodbye to her ailing brother until she knew he was in good hands.

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Devotional writter, Cynthia Ruchti
Daily Devotions

Daily Devotion: Jesus' Triumphal Entry

Does your “Hosanna” turn quickly to “Jesus, what are You doing?” when crises hit?

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painting of Jesus jorisvo /
Emotional and Mental Health

The Message of Easter

God promises that there is nothing to fear in life or even death itself.

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L to R: Brandi, Laura, Laurie and Kathy

"B" Inspired

They had traveled everywhere together. Could it be the same with one of them gone?

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Stories of Faith blogger Shawnelle Eliasen's grandmother, Mamo

Silently Spoken Love

I sit and think about treasured moments, the times Mamo whispered encouragement.

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Susan Karas poses by the new car she purchased.
Emotional and Mental Health

The Courage to Confront Her Fears

With her husband gone, she had learn to stand up for herself. Could she pull it off?

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An artist's rendering of a bluebird on the wing
Coping With Grief

Her Blue Angel

An oversized bird's persistence made her feel she was being sent a message.

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Joan Wester Anderson

Vision of God's Love

“Life is sometimes difficult,” Jim’s angel told him, “but you'll never go through it alone.”

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