When a loved one dies, sorrow and grief surround us. But your memories of happy times together survive the sadness, and your belief that death is not the end can comfort you following a loss.
A peaceful farm scene on the cover of Before the Dawn
Managing Life Changes

Peace Is the Presence of God

I spent a lot of time praying the pain would leave. I wondered if I would ever smile again...

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An artist's rendering of a tan fedora on a stage before a red velvet curtain
Power of Prayer

An Angel's Proverbial Presence

Max Lucado shares an amazing dream that gave him courage before heart surgery.

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Bella the dog cuddles up to her departed friend, Beavis the beaver.

A Pooch Mourns the Passing of a Pal

Though a dog and a beaver make unlikely pals, Bella mourned when Beavis died.

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Life after Death blogger Trudy Harris smiled family heaven
Coping With Grief

She Smiled at Her Family in Heaven

In the days before her death, her children heard her talking to her daughter, her son and her husband in heaven...

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Mary Lou Carney, clasping a Bible
Managing Life Changes

Her Mother's Spiritual Legacy

Her mom was gone. What she left would stay with her family forever.

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Franc Murenzi and Chris Foreman
Positive Living

Learning to Forgive Like a Rwandan

His wife’s death on a trip to Rwanda was an accident. So why could he not forgive?

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 Life after Death blogger Trudy Harris: Guideposts, Worried after her mother's death
Life After Death

Worried After Her Mother's Death

She felt as if God spoke to her and gave peace to her worried heart...

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Fred Stobaugh's beloved wife, Lorraine
Coping With Grief

Inspired to Pay Tribute to Sweet Lorraine

A musician is moved to put to music the lyrics of a widower who misses his wife.

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A closeup photo of a dragonfly
Coping With Grief

Tiny Blessings with Shimmering Wings

A mother, dearly missing her departed daughter, is comforted by a host of insects.

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Katie Powers
Emotional and Mental Health

Running on Faith

A terrorist’s biggest weapon is fear. But it wasn’t enough to make this nurse back down.

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