When a loved one dies, sorrow and grief surround us. But your memories of happy times together survive the sadness, and your belief that death is not the end can comfort you following a loss.

Water ripples with a sky scene
Devotions for Men

Thomas Edison's Glimpse of Heaven

Dr. Norman Vincent Peale shares scientific proof of heaven.

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Andraé Crouch
Life After Death

Andraé Crouch: Remembering a Gospel Legend

The iconic singer died of a heart attack at age 72.

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Catherine Marshall
Prayer Stories

The Prayer of Relinquishment

Writer Catherine Marshall did some of her most memorable work for Guideposts.

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Stuart Scott

Stuart Scott: Remembering a Game Changer

The ESPN sportcaster passed away at age 49 but his fighting spirit still lives on. 

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Actor, Tom Hanks
God's Grace

The Tom Hanks Connection

Leave it to Mom to send one last message through her favorite actor…

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Do you believe in the death penalty? Photo by C_FOR, Thinkstock.
Prayer Stories

Life or Death: Who Decides?

Is the death penalty a divine prerogative that we have usurped?

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Sky filled with light. Photo by Tanor, Thinkstock.

A 'Mysterious Ways' Year in Review

A look back at the stories that wowed us in 2014

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Melissa is a best-selling cookbook author. Her new book is Supermarket Healthy.
Emotional and Mental Health

Beyond the Tears

Melissa d’Arabian’s primary goal is to prevent the tragedy that struck her own family.

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During her son’s battle with drugs, Sharron read Jeremiah 30 and 31 every day.
Addiction and Recovery

A Year Without

It wasn’t until she gave up sweets that she understood her son’s struggle with addiction.

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Wide-eyed wonder. Photo courtesy Shawnelle Eliasen.
God's Grace

Wide-Eyed Wonder

The Lord sent His Son with a purpose and a plan. That plan stretches deep into my spirit.

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