A Message from Jesus in a Song

Jesus comforted her in a miraculous way when she needed it most. 

Posted in , Mar 14, 2022

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Behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age. Matthew 28:20 (ESV)

One of the women in my Bible study showed up to our small group with red-rimmed, watery eyes. She quietly told me that she’d been sobbing in her car because of her impending divorce. We scheduled a hike so we could talk more, and then she took a few minutes to pull herself together before joining the group.

A few days later, as we walked, she described how scary it was for her to think about a future alone. She’d recently moved into her own apartment. Initially she was excited about living alone for the first time in her life, but moving caused a tumultuous emotional reaction. I tried to offer her words of encouragement to assure her that Jesus is always with her and that she’s never alone. But my words felt trite and hollow.

Then she told me an incredible story of how Jesus had intimately communicated with her through a country song on the radio as she was driving to buy furniture for her new apartment. The words of the song were about buying furniture to make a home. Through this song, she felt Jesus uniquely speak to her in a moment of sadness, assuring her He is with her and helping her make a new home. Jesus comforted her much better than I could have.

Faith Step: Do you have a special song in which you sense Jesus speaking uniquely to you? Play it on repeat today, letting it encourage your soul as you remember He is with you.

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