Devotions for Women

Daily devotions for women inspire, motivate, and sustain us in times of both challenge and joy. Devotions for women can shed light on issues that touch every part of our lives, from family to work to health and wisdom. Pick up a daily devotional to feel grounded in a beautiful, faith-based practice.
Women studying the Bible together devotions for women

A New Look at the Powerful Women of the Bible

The authors were told there was no interest in their devotional for women.  Now it’s sold over one million copies.


Jesus Is Your Safe Place

Is something going on in the world that has you feeling shaken?

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Declutter Your Spiritual Life

Remove the distractions and seek Jesus.

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Who Was Noah's Nameless Wife?

I wonder how Noah’s wife coped when she looked out and saw no sun. Where did she fnd hope?

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Flock of geese in flight; Getty Images

A Servant in Jesus’ Everyday Reality Show

With Jesus’ help, you can serve those who look to you for help.

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Fred Rogers with X the Owl and Henrietta Pussycat; Wikimedia Commons

The Grace to Follow in Jesus’ Footsteps

Be compassionate, kind, and empathetic like Mister Rogers and most of all, like Jesus.

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The Courage to Make Righteous Choices

Let your faith make a difference in your choices.

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A man standing in front of an open door; Getty Images

Jesus Opens Doors for You

He will surprise you with new dreams that are beyond your imaginings.

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Feel the Magnitude of God’s Love

Every sin is forgiven, even your worst one.

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fourth of july devotion

A Devotion for the Fourth of July

Jesus, our hearts explode with gratitude. 

Hummingbird at a feeder; Getty Images

A Devotion to Help You Notice Every Blessing

Awaken your ability to see God’s miracles in your life.

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Close up of a woman's eye; Getty Images

The Wisest Prayer Ever

Don’t let minor irritations get you down.

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Devotion for  the New Year

My Verse for the New Year

What new things does Jesus have planned for you this year?

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A Nativity painting in Vienna; Getty Images

What Are You Giving Jesus This Christmas?

Devotional writer, Heidi Gaul, shares her precious and irreplaceable gift.

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Woman with closed eyes in nature; Getty Images

Take a Seat in Jesus’ Prayer Room

Are you experiencing trials beyond your control? Try this.

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Traveler standing on a mountain peak; Getty Images

When Your Only Hope Is Jesus’ Love

When the worst thing happened, she prayed this prayer.

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