Devotions for Faith/Prayer


Declutter Your Spiritual Life

Remove the distractions and seek Jesus.

Fred Rogers with X the Owl and Henrietta Pussycat; Wikimedia Commons

The Grace to Follow in Jesus’ Footsteps

Be compassionate, kind, and empathetic like Mister Rogers and most of all, like Jesus.

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Scenic path; Getty Images

The Courage to Make Righteous Choices

Let your faith make a difference in your choices.

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A man standing in front of an open door; Getty Images

Jesus Opens Doors for You

He will surprise you with new dreams that are beyond your imaginings.

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Perseid meteor shower; Getty Images

Feel the Magnitude of God’s Love

Every sin is forgiven, even your worst one.

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Hummingbird at a feeder; Getty Images

A Devotion to Help You Notice Every Blessing

Awaken your ability to see God’s miracles in your life.

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Close up of a woman's eye; Getty Images

The Wisest Prayer Ever

Don’t let minor irritations get you down.

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Woman with closed eyes in nature; Getty Images

Take a Seat in Jesus’ Prayer Room

Are you experiencing trials beyond your control? Try this.

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Traveler standing on a mountain peak; Getty Images

When Your Only Hope Is Jesus’ Love

When the worst thing happened, she prayed this prayer.

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Flock of geese in flight; Getty Images

A Servant in Jesus’ Everyday Reality Show

With Jesus’ help, you can serve those who look to you for help.

Woman smiling at camera; Getty Images

Jesus’ Presence Is Enough

Giving a treasured belonging away as an act of worship to Jesus.

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A lush clearing in the midst of the woods; Getty Images

What Are Your Spiritual Magnets?

Ask Jesus to help you prepare a special place to meet with Him.

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Woman watching sunset in the park; Getty Images

How Doubt Fits Into Your Faith Journey

When you’re uncertain about something, be honest with Jesus.

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Night sky with crescent moon and stars; Getty Images

Jesus Rescues Us from Darkness

He illuminates our life with His forgiveness, love, and protection.

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Light peeking through clouds; Getty Images

Faith Lesson from a Stormy Night

Before the day’s end, make sure someone who needs hope sees it in and hears it from you.

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Coastal view. Encinitas, California; Getty Images

Jesus Loves You More

Rest in the knowledge that you are deeply loved.

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