Devotions for Faith/Prayer

Hummingbird at a feeder; Getty Images

A Devotion to Help You Notice Every Blessing

Awaken your ability to see God’s miracles in your life.

Woman with closed eyes in nature; Getty Images

Take a Seat in Jesus’ Prayer Room

Are you experiencing trials beyond your control? Try this.

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When Your Only Hope Is Jesus’ Love

When the worst thing happened, she prayed this prayer.

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Jesus’ Presence Is Enough

Giving a treasured belonging away as an act of worship to Jesus.

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What Are Your Spiritual Magnets?

Ask Jesus to help you prepare a special place to meet with Him.

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How Doubt Fits Into Your Faith Journey

When you’re uncertain about something, be honest with Jesus.

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Jesus Rescues Us from Darkness

He illuminates our life with His forgiveness, love, and protection.

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Faith Lesson from a Stormy Night

Before the day’s end, make sure someone who needs hope sees it in and hears it from you.

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Jesus Loves You More

Rest in the knowledge that you are deeply loved.

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The Wisest Prayer Ever

Don’t let minor irritations get you down.

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Listen to What Jesus Is Saying to You

Turn to Scripture to help you hear His guidance in your life.

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Rest in God's Presence

Escaping now and again to a quiet place is good for both body and soul.

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Jesus Will Never Let Go

You will find the sweetest rest in Jesus’ presence.

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A woman finding peace on her couch; Getty Images

Jesus Gives You Joy in the Midst of Trouble

Joy is knowing that Jesus is with you, wherever you go.

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Footprints in snow with sunlight shining through trees; Getty Images

Jesus, Help Me!

Whatever words you use to pray urgently, things happen in heaven and earth when you call on Jesus.

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A woman on a phone call; Getty Images

Get Real with Jesus

Talk to Jesus about your personal struggles.

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